Thanks from your winner, Jennifer

Taking part in I’m A Scientist has been so much fun, the past two weeks have flown past. I’ve answered questions about Spider-Man, black holes and cats’ whiskers, along with really thoughtful questions about my research. The breadth of questions was astonishing and I tried my best to answer each one.

The best bits were the live chats, I could happily spend all day chatting with the students if only my fingers could keep up! The worse bit was waiting for the evictions, especially in the final.

I would like to thank everyone at I’m A Scientist HQ, all my lab mates for keeping me supplied with coffee during the chats and, most of all, the students for making it so much fun.

For my science event I am going to invite students from a local school to The James Hutton Institute to see real scientists at work. I wish I could invite all the students that took part but most of them are too far away.

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